Wrap it up

At Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we think the perfect gift deserves a beautiful wrapping. After all, when you buy something for someone you love, you want to make sure it goes straight to the heart.

We’ve been on our gift-giving toes and filled our stores with wrapping paper, glitter tape and colourful ribbon. We know that not everyone has a gift for wrapping presents, but don’t worry you can still make an impression. If you want your present to shine in no time, a gift box is a hit. 

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What wood you like for Christmas?

When you give a gift, it’s not just about what you’ve wrapped up. It’s about warm thoughts and the time you took to find something just right.

We’ve have picked the loveliest wooden toys to put under the tree. Carry in Christmas with a wooden car carrier and let the children park their vehicles in a new wooden garage.

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From me to you

What’s better than getting gifts? Looking forward to giving gifts! 

After all, Christmas is extraordinary and only comes once a year.

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Award-winning play buddy for children

Flying Tiger Copenhagen introduces a new table skill mat to help the little artist express his or her creativeness. The table skill mat is created by Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s chief designer Lovorika Banovic. The table skill mat has seven small organising compartments that are perfect for paint, play dough and beads - let your imagination run free.

Men's gifts

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Personal care

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Happy new year

Fireworks and the sound of corks popping, get ready for an extraordinary last night of the year. Cheers and have a sparkling New Year!

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