My Space

January can be a bit boring so let’s go somewhere else. Outer space, for example! It’s not rocket science, just find your inner astronaut and shoot for the moon. Building your own spaceship is so much fun. Invite your brother, sister, family and friends and fly them to the moon and back again. See you in a spaceship!

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Fill your universe with epic stories

January we’re bringing you a selection of products made from bamboo, a material that has its own powerful story. 

Although it’s a grass, it produces 35% more oxygen than a tree, with a tensile strength to rival steel. It can handle more pressure than reinforced concrete, all the while growing at an impressive one metre a day!

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Future Me

A new year calls for a new beginning. After a month of doing great things for others, it is time to do something for yourself. 

Change your ways or stay on the right track. Look in the horoscope and stay calm – good karma will come to you.

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Make arrangements

We love to organize and find the right size for paper and pens, memos and other important stationary stuff. 

After all, your desk and home office deserve a clean sheet too.

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January is a state of mind

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