What a circus!

Prepare yourself for a tickling roller-coaster ride when we invite you to our Flying Tiger Amusement Park. Buy a ticket and let us entertain you.


Have fun at the pinball machine and play an arcade game. Gosh, a candy floss! We are having so much fun, let’s take another ride. 

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It’s playtime!

Late spring inspires you to get outside and enjoy the sun. Learn to play Pétanque or just have a grown-up kick around while the kids head off to the playground.

And while it may be the last month of spring, and all good things must come to an end, the good news is that summer is just around the corner and the fun with friends and family is only just beginning!

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Are we there yet?

We’ve packed a summer suitcase full of travel entertainment to make time fly.


And when you’ve arrived, let time stand still and devote yourselves to DIY.

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