Sprout out

We celebrate the return of the sun and that the days are getting longer. March is the month where everything sprouts and comes to life. Sow the seeds of summer and cultivate new ideas in your window sill. And why don’t you invite for a spring party? We are launching a series of ceramics in bloom which will make your home blossom. This month we are introducing a cute and charming design. We hope our style will make you smile.
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2 girls with cups

Feel at Home

The first signs of spring make you want to upgrade your home and make it blossom. In a fit of springtime enthusiasm, we bring you a collection of porcelain in bloom. 

The delicate design will for sure flourish on your dinner table. If you do not fancy flowers but love a back-to-nature style, we have lots of home decor with a touch of wood.

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Let’s play!

Our wooden dream dollhouse is now on the market. The unfurnished three-bedroom house allows you to be creative. 

Let’s play something else now. If you find the paper, I’ll find the coloured pens. Say ‘hi’ to our cute animated designs, we call them ‘kawaii’. 

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Green Life

Summer is only three months away so let’s meet half way and sow the seeds of summer. Urban gardening is a hit and all it requires is time and tender care. And a little bit of room. 

Start small and begin in your window sill. If you cannot dig out your inner gardener, go with an artificial bonsai, a little Buddha and a cheery blossom. Zentastic!

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What to wear

In Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we don’t take an interest in the height of fashion. We find it more fun to make our products look unique. And then we just love when our style makes you smile. 

We have been on our toes and are now launching a new colourful sock collection. And then we introduce a series of accessories with a sweet, pretty face. 

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Time to celebrate

We love celebrations because it allows us to spend time with the people we love. Easter is just around the corner, and we have everything for the feast. 

Say hello to the Easter bunny and make some new feathery friends. Easter is the one time of year where it is safe to put all your eggs in one basket. 

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