Open-air premier

A picnic with friends is calling your name. On the verge of summer, we plan the first picnic in the park. Reserve a Sunday or a sunny day in May and spend it family and friends. We’ve made it easy for you and taken care of all the practical stuff. All left for you to do is find perfect spot beneath the treetops.

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Face the music

School is out, let’s shout and have a good time! Hook up with good friends and see how the evening ends. When the music plays and we hit the right note, moments of magic have a way of showing.

Because it’s the things that we share that give us true value and bring us closer to each other. Fly by Flying Tiger Copenhagen and let us help you with the festival gear. 

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Get into summer shape

Do you feel fit or do you feel like changing things a little bit? Summer is not here yet so there’s still time. And remember it’s not a question of survival of the fittest but becoming the best version of yourself.

Work from the top of your head to the tip of your toes and great results will show. At Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we have lots of things to lift your spirit and shape things up. Have a nice summer!

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It’s playtime!

May makes you want to stay outside and have hours of fun in the sun. While the grownups pick up pétanque and play a game of football in the garden, the kids hit the pavement and meet up at the playground.

This is the last month of spring and nothing lasts forever so forget about time and space and have fun with each other.

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Fan of the exam?

Sometimes May makes you wish you’ve studied harder. But don’t worry there’s still time. If you keep your nose in the notebook and hang in (instead of hanging out) you will prevail and make it through May.

Fly by and check out our cool, fun and practical study stuff – they’ve passed the test. Happy reading and best of luck!

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