Flying Tiger Copenhagen opens store number 800

July 18, 2017

Corporate. News article. Flying Tiger Copenhagen opens store number 800

On Friday July 21st, when Flying Tiger Copenhagen flings the doors wide open to a new store in the city of Reims in the north of France, it marks the 800th store of the Danish retail company.

Things are moving fast for Flying Tiger Copenhagen these years. The company opens 2-3 new stores a week on average – and the Danish retail concept has proved itself to be extremely viable even in very diverse markets. The popular stores now serve more than 100 million customers from Europe over Asia to the USA.

The first store opened in Copenhagen in 1995 under the name TIGER. The first store outside Denmark opened in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik in 2001. As the stores spread across Europe and further to the rest of the world, the concept has been known under different names such as TGR and Flying Tiger.

In the summer of 2016 Flying Tiger Copenhagen was introduced as the global name for all stores. With one name, we ensure that customers meet us as one brand across all markets. The new brand name conveys a desire to match the unexpected; a tiger that flies is in itself a surprise and therefore helps to tell our story.

“The image of a flying tiger captures the belief we have in the imaginative and curious spirit of the company’s heritage. Every month we present 300 new products, and we still aim to surprise and inspire our customers when they visit our stores – whether they find a funny beach game that makes for a joyful summer’s day or they buy a sketch book and discover a hidden talent”, says Michael Linander, Global Retail Manager of Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

The journey to Reims

The store opening on Friday July 21st is part of a significant expansion in France where Flying Tiger Copenhagen has opened 27 stores since the end of 2014. The French reception of Flying Tiger Copenhagen has been overwhelmingly positive and the goal is to open further 50 stores in France in the coming years.

“In France we experience, as we do in other international markets, that the customers appreciate the combination of an inspiring and diverse selection of products and a relaxed, creative atmosphere which is characterized as distinctively Scandinavian”, says Michael Linander.

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