Flying Tiger Copenhagen teams up with Plastic Change

December 06, 2019

Danish retail success Flying Tiger Copenhagen ramps up on sustainability. This is done, among other things, with a three-year collaboration with the renowned NGO, Plastic Change. The collaboration will contribute to an increased focus on reducing plastic in for example packaging, in more recycling and in more sustainable designs. In connection with this, Flying Tiger Copenhagen has made a plastic pledge to ensure that the collaboration results in concrete, sustainable solutions. 

With CEO Martin Jermiin at the forefront, Flying Tiger Copenhagen has for the past six months worked intensively to develop and implement a more circular mindset in the company's business concept. One of the initiatives is the collaboration with Plastic Change, which will contribute to concrete initiatives to manage and minimise the company's use of plastic.

- We are pleased to be able to present the first concrete initiative in our sustainable transition. Namely, a collaboration with Plastic Change. We have made a plastic pledge that, among other things, commits us to setting specific goals for reducing plastic in our products and our packaging. This will be a subset of an ambitious sustainability strategy that we present in 2020. We need to make sure we use less plastic and the plastic we use should be used in the most intelligent way possible, says CEO of Flying Tiger Copenhagen, Martin Jermiin.

A key element of the agreement is exactly that Flying Tiger Copenhagen, with the plastic pledge, must map its own use of plastic, reduce the use of plastic throughout its value chain and ensure that the plastic used is designed so that it can be reused many times and later can be recycled into new products.

- In order to get rid of plastic pollution and stop the increasing production of plastic, it is necessary to be in dialogue with Danish companies. By working with the companies, setting requirements and ambitious targets for their plastic consumption, we can push the companies in a more environmentally friendly direction, says Louise Lerche-Gredal, CEO of Plastic Change.

Durable solutions
Plastic Change has a broad knowledge in the plastic area and of the solutions in relation to the complex plastic problem. The organisation also has insight into the development in the field of plastic and can give concrete advice and guidance to Flying Tiger Copenhagen. The company needs insight to be able to choose the best long-term durable solutions when Flying Tiger Copenhagen selects or designs products going forward.

- For many retailers, plastic is an essential part of the product range. This is precisely why it also makes sense for us to cooperate with Flying Tiger Copenhagen, because new solutions and better products will be able to make a difference - both at home and abroad. We know that there is some way to go, but the first step is now taken, and we will follow their actions closely, says Louise Lerche-Gredal, CEO of Plastic Change.

To lead the process, the global Danish retail chain has hired Trine Pondal as the new Sustainability Manager.

 - It can be tempting to go with popular solutions that sound easy and attractive when it comes to green change. But it often turns out that long-lasting solutions are far more complicated sizes. And at Flying Tiger Copenhagen we go with the experts, not with easy or popular solutions. The world needs a radical change in the handling of plastics - and we only get that by thinking long-term, so we can take advantage of the benefits that make the material so popular with a better result for the environment than today, says Trine Pondal, Sustainability Manager at Flying Tiger Copenhagen


About Flying Tiger Copenhagen

• Founded in 1988 by Lennart Lajboschitz, today Martin Jermiin is CEO

• Revenue for 2018 equals DKK 5.6 billion

• Introduces 300 new products each month

• Counts more than 6,000 employees globally

• 950+ stores in 29 countries and in 3 continents (Europe, Asia and USA)

• 72 stores in Denmark alone

• Offers everything from party items, home decor, children toys, gadgets, gift ideas to prize winning design. 

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