Flying Tiger Copenhagen wins one of the world’s most prestigious design awards

May 22, 2018

Corporate. News article. Flying Tiger wins the GOOD DESIGN® award

For the third year running Flying Tiger Copenhagen has been internationally acknowledged for its innovative and cutting-edge design. This year, the company has won a GOOD DESIGN® award.

Cool and unique design does not have to cost a fortune.

That is the philosophy of Flying Tiger Copenhagen and the reason why the Danish based company has both a design department and a graphic design team, who design a large part of the 300 new products introduced every month in the 900 Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores in 30 countries around the world.

And now, for the third year in a row, Flying Tiger Copenhagen has received international acknowledgement for the company’s design winning a GOOD DESIGN® award presented to innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around the world. 

Flying Tiger Copenhagen CEO, Mette Maix, calls the achievement a remarkable performance that underlines the company’s mission to make great design accessible to everybody.

“Design is imperative to Flying Tiger Copenhagen and the mission we are on. We want to make cool design affordable. And we want to connect people, create happiness and joy, and make a difference in peoples’ lives with our design,” says Mette Maix and continues:

“We don’t copy trends, we try to create them. It is our mission to inspire our customers to be unique. With our design and our products, we create the framework for our customers to express themselves in.”

Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s head of product design, Lovorika Banovic, has designed the product that has won the GOOD DESIGN® award - the Wall Storage Organizer. She says:

“We are absolutely thrilled and very honored to have been rewarded this very special design award once again. I love the practicality of pockets in clothes and how it enables me to carry around all sorts of essentials. And I have always missed a product that gives me the opportunity to hold and organize all those things you often need, but always forget where you put - pens, brushes, scissors, keys or sunglasses. So, I thought; if pockets are useful in clothes, why not also on the wall?”

About the Wall Storage Organizer

A modular and decorative wall storage solution. The organizing system consists of three elements shaped as pocket tiles in different sizes. Each pocket tile is shaped to hold and organize various essentials, like pens, brushes, scissors, cooking utensils or flowers. Each compartment easily slides on to a wall mount which attaches to any surface with two screws or double-sided tape. The compartment can be dismounted in no time for cleaning or rearranging. The storage solution allows you as many compartments as you need, in any combination that suits your kitchen, office, bathroom, children’s room or garage.

About the GOOD DESIGN® award

  • Was first awarded in 1950 and is the oldest and most prestigious international design awards
  • Presented by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd.
  • Awarded to the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around the world.
  • The design must be of the highest quality; functional; of an extraordinary aesthetic standard; and possessing a strong identity.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s previous award-winning products


Tiger Basic Font Type

  • Won the iF DESIGN AWARD

Wall Storage Organizer

  • Won GOOD DESIGN® award
  • Awarded honorable mention in LICC - London International Creative Competition


Buttering Board and Knife

  • Won GOOD DESIGN® award


  • Won the Red Dot award

FTC Water

  • Won the iF DESIGN AWARD
  • Won the German Design award


Cookie Jar

  • Won the Communication Arts’ Award of Excellence ( 
  • Won the Golden Hammer award 

Tea Bird

  • Won GOOD DESIGN® award

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