Mette Maix to become CEO of Flying Tiger Copenhagen

June 01, 2017

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The Board of Directors of Zebra A/S, the parent company of the Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mette Maix as new CEO. Mette Maix comes from a position as CEO of Berlingske Media, a leading Danish media group.
Mette Maix has a strong track record of more than 20 years of leadership positions at retailers such as Føtex, Tesco, Super Brugsen and Kvickly, and has throughout her career in retail shown strong operational and commercial acumen.

“I am pleased with the appointment of Mette Maix as Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s new CEO. Mette is a proven retailer and commercially oriented leader. I am confident that she will be a great asset for the Company and play an important role in the execution of our ambitious plans for the future,” says Vagn Sørensen, Chairman of Zebra A/S.

“I very much look forward to joining Flying Tiger Copenhagen. The company is built on a truly differentiated retail concept with strong Scandinavian roots and an impressive history of growth and unique products. I am both proud and happy to lead the company and see great opportunities for further improving the shopping experience for our customers,” says Mette Maix, future CEO of Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

Mette Maix will have her first day as CEO of Flying Tiger Copenhagen on 1 August 2017. Michael Hauge Sørensen will continue as interim CEO until Mette Maix starts and subsequently resume his position as part of the Board of Directors of Zebra A/S.
Mette Maix was born in 1969 and holds a master’s degree from the University of Odense.
On behalf of the Board of Directors of Zebra A/S, Vagn Sørensen

About Zebra A/S

Zebra A/S, the parent company of the Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores, is a rapidly expanding variety retailer founded in Denmark. Our stores offer new, fun and useful products at affordable prices, which are marketed internationally under the Flying Tiger Copenhagen brand name. With the addition of 160 net store openings in 2016, the Group reached a total of 745 stores in 30 countries across Europe, Asia and the US by the end of 2016.
Working continuously with innovative design and product development, up to 300 new products are introduced every month. Our product categories include home, toys, hobby, party, snacks, electronics, gadgets, fashion accessories and more. We keep our stores bright and easy to navigate with our Scandinavian decor being a differentiating characteristic.
Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Zebra A/S employs more than 4,500 people worldwide and generated revenue of DKK 4,274m and an Adjusted EBITDA of DKK 443m in 2016.

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