November Campaign

Advent small gifts

There’re lots of ways to pass the time in December. Twiddle your thumbs, count minutes and days, take a sneak-peak in your Christmas stocking. This year expectations mean more.


O Christmas tree, how lovely to see you again. Deck the halls with un-bauble-livable ornaments and let’s remind each other that Christmas only comes once a year. This year family traditions mean more.

Kitchen and candy

To make a yummy yuletide sweet you might have to start early. Be a smart cookie and bring the family together in November. And remember, don’t get your fingers get caught in the cookie jar!

Deco lightning


Christmas ties us together. When you give a gift, it’s not just about what you’ve wrapped up and tied with a bow. Let the good times roll with lots of ribbon before you label your present with love.


Join hands and bring out the arts-n-crafters in you. Turn off your mobiles, pick up glue, needle and thread, and spend some time on homemade Christmas decorations. Yule do-it-together!
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