October Campaign

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Autumn can be quite a mouthful. The days are growing shorter and “will it ever stop raining?” Let’s hit home and make some tea for two. No more feeling blue.

Halloween food

Halloween is a blessing in disguise and if you’re wise, you’re prepared when all kinds of visitors come to collect your treats. And remember, you can’t put an age limit on fun!

Halloween outfit

“Who’s that knocking on my door?” Capture your audience with a frightful costume. On the scariest night of the year, it’s all about fear.

Halloween deco

Life is a party, a wonderful treat. Especially in October, where Halloween casts a spell on all of us. This year, it falls on a Saturday which is perfect for a spooky family night.

Trick and treat

Do you expect a visit from the underworld? Welcome them with smashing pumpkins, bats and spine-chilling skeletons when they knock on your door.


Do you consider cooking an art? Set the timer and bake an artsy afternoon cake for the people you love. 
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