Feel at home

We’ve an eye for autumn! Face the new season and create a happy home. 

Soon you’ll forget that summer has passed.

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Feel good!

Give yourself a treat; enjoy a bubble bath, a nice massage and spend some time in front of the mirror. 

Enjoy, and be your own hero!

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Ready, steady, study!

In September we start new courses and revisit the books. Time for wisdom and taking new notes. 

Welcome back to university, it’s never too late to learn something new.

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New sustainable storage solution

We launch a new eco-friendly storage set in a distinctive Scandinavian design. It has a cool design and the new storage solution consists of four food containers and five measuring spoons, and has bamboo fibre and wheat straw as some of the main materials. 

The container has a solid bamboo lid and is sealed with a silicone rubber ring. The natural materials provide a long-lasting and more environmentally friendly storage solution.

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Face the music

Bang the drum for September! Hand the children and instrument and let them hit the right note. 

We’re going to have so much fun!

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