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Flying Tiger Copenhagen. About us

About us

At Flying Tiger Copenhagen our mission is to inspire people to make the things they care about happen and to spend more time together. Read more about us, our values, and mission here.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Press contact

Press contact

Do you have a question? We would love to help you. Please, don’t hesitate to call or email us - we promise we will do our very best to get you an answer as quickly as possible.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Image bank

Image bank

Need a picture from one of our stores, our products, or our logo? You need to search no longer, we have a wide range of cool pictures for you to use for free right here.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Annual reports

Annual reports

2017 was quite a year. We welcomed our new CEO, Mette Maix, opened 123 new stores, surpassed DKK 5 billion in revenue and made millions of costumers happier. We loved 2017.

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