Flying Tiger Copenhagen. About us

About us

Welcome to the fantastic world of Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Here, we love fun, social activity and parties. And we love love. 

We want to be a catalyst for peoples' dreams and ideas and we love to put a smile on people’s faces while giving them the things they need, the things they dream of and the things they didn’t even know existed. All at affordable prices.

Working continuously with innovative own-design and product development, we introduce around 300 new products every month. Please feel free to take a look around and learn more about us.


Want to know more?

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Blue book

Blue book

Did you know that on a daily basis we handle more than 70,000 boxes and ship more than 1,500 pallets? See our blue book here. 

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Our history

Our history

It all began at a flea market. Now, not even 25 years later, we have more than 900 stores across 30 countries. Read our story here. 

Untold stories

This is a story about 6 things we care about at Flying Tiger Copenhagen. A few things about us, you’ve probably never heard.

Sustainability at Flying Tiger Copenhagen


We strive to ensure that our products has been produced in respect of ethical, environmental and social standards and is safe to use. 

Follow us

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Facebook


Want to read more about our everyday life? You can follow us and learn more about us on Facebook here.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Instagram


You are most welcome to take a look inside our world on Instagram. Hopefully you’ll get inspired.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. LinkedIn


You can also follow us on LinkedIn. We quite often put up job openings, should you be interested.

Press images

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Our stores


Walking through our stores is like being on a treasure hunt. Flying Tiger Copenhagen is a maze full of fun, surprises and colourful products. We like to turn every day into something special and to put a smile on your face.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Logo


Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Our name and logo represent who we are: Surprising, adventurous, and Danish. You can download our beautiful logo and pictures of our name right here.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Our world

Our world

Every week we open 2-3 new Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores around the world.
Right now, we have over 900 stores in 29 countries on 3 continents across the globe.

Our online store

We have opened a webshop in Denmark packed with extraordinary things. Press material and pictures related to the e-commerce launch are available here.

Annual reports

Annual report 2020

As expected, the 2020 Annual Result is affected by COVID-19.

Annual report 2019

New Flying Tiger Copenhagen strategy ensures satisfactory 2019 result.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Annual report

Annual report 2018

Flying Tiger Copenhagen: Solid revenue must translate into a strong bottom line.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Annual report

Annual report 2017

Flying Tiger Copenhagen report record revenue and exited 2017 on a much better note than we entered it.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Annual report

Annual report 2016

Flying Tiger Copenhagen posts strong revenue growth in 2016.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Annual report

Annual report 2015

Flying Tiger Copenhagen continue the strong growth and post record 2015 results.

Executive Management

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Executive Management

Martin Jermiin

Chief Executive Officer

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Executive Management

Christian Kofoed H. Jakobsen

Chief Financial Officer 

Board members

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Board Members

Nikolaj Vejlsgaard

Chairman of the Board, Member since February 2021

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Board Members

Casper Lykke Pedersen

Board member since February 2021

Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Board Members

Lars Thomassen

Board member since February 2021

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